Pulso – Flamenco

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2017-05-03 19:00 - 2017-05-03 20:00
Södra Teatern
Address: Södra Teatern, Mosebacke Torg, Stockholm, Sweden

“Pulso” is a flamenco show where the starting point is the human life pump – the heart.
From the question: “What makes the heart beat?” Sofia Castro started a survey in February 2016 with cardiologist Lars Rune. The purpose was to understand the physiological cause of the bulging heart. However, Sofia chose to dig deeper into the issue and not only confined itself to the physiological causes of the heartbeat. She also asked the question from a deeper perspective and searched for different reasons for what gets her and others’ heart to beat – what do we find worth living for?

“Do not be ashamed because you’re human, be proud!
Inside you open the arc behind the vault endlessly.
You will never be finished, and it’s as it should. ”

– Tomas Tranströmmer

From the physiological survey, Sofia acquires knowledge as well as collects material that is then used to reproduce artistic work. Sofia also utilizes the scientific terms from the heart and its circulatory system and also allows them to symbolize various emotional states.

Pulso is a project that is constantly evolving just like man and life. In constant pulse.

Idea, choreography and dance: Sofia Castro
Music Production: Johan Moberg and Jacob Hellner (Majk Jutbo: Part 4 “Pulso”)
Guest artist: Daniel Boyacioglu and others
Audiovisual: Miguel Angel Regalado
Photo: Cato Lein
Digital Art: Miguel Angel Regalad

Arranged with support from Stockholm City and Danscompagniet

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