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Naturally, living in a new country comes with its fair share of difficulties, and it’s easy to miss certain small but vital details. Many expats live for months, sometimes even years, without knowing some of the most basic information about their new environment; even if that information could potentially save their life.

Do you know how to contact the local police in an emergency? How about poison control? While the thought of a medical emergency is unpleasant, being prepared is the best way to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

This article will provide you with basic but life-saving information for emergency situations in Stockholm.

Emergency Telephone Numbers for Stockholm, Sweden

  • Swedish Police, Fire, Ambulance:  112
  • Poison control:  331 231 (after 17:00 call 112)
  • Hospital directory:  171 000
  • Rescue and fire service:  540 4600
  • Electrical and telephone breakdown:  222 0700
  • Security:  222 0700
  • Industrial Health Service:  222 3280
  • Switchboard – 222 0000

It’s recommended that you keep these emergency numbers handy. You can find these numbers inside the cover page of your local telephone directory. They are also available in all train and bus stations, major commercial establishments, hotels and restaurants.

112 is the public emergency number throughout Europe. Dispatchers are responding to calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and calls are free of charge. All operators receiving calls in Sweden will speak Swedish and English, however finding translators for other languages at a moments notice can be difficult.

For non-emergency calls you can dial the switchboard and speak to an operator who can direct your call.