24 Apr 2024
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Owls in the Swamp: Swedish Expressions (part 1)

Ever sensed there are owls lurking in the swamp or that the cat knows more than it lets on? Ape-hungry Swedes with poultry down their throats have you confused?

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Swedish Culture

Don’t fall off the stick: the YLC guide to Swedish expressions

Ever been mystified why Swedes want you to jump up and sit on things or put your legs on your back? We’re here to help! Check out part three in YLC’s series of expressions you may come across while in Sweden! 5. Legging it When running for a bus, Swedes are known to put their […]

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Finding a Job Networking Work & Money

The A-List: Finding a job in Stockholm

Finding a job in Stockholm isn’t easy. One needs perseverance and dedication… and connections. So how does a new girl tap into the system? YLC’s arbetslös Solveig Rundquist bugs out and tries to figure out how to fly into the Swedish web. Photo: Dave Sutherland/Flickr (file) Over the past few weeks I’ve read a lot […]

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