19 Jun 2024
fish dish
Expat Cookbook

Easter Treat: Ethiopian Fish Stew

As a reflection of the wide global reach Christianity has had, Your Living City’s Easter treat for 2018 draws inspiration from Ethiopia’s Christian traditions of feasting on the country’s delectable range of local fish, veg, fruit, nuts, herbs and spices…. … perfect for sharing with family and friends with adventurous taste palettes!   Ingredients: 1 […]

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Culture Expat Cookbook

Expat Cookbook: French Seafood Chowder

As a peace-loving gesture to the ongoing “war” between serious foodies who side with either the New England or Manhattan chowders, and as a homage to the possible French origins of the former, this lusciously mouthwateringly hearty recipe draws harmoniously comforting inspiration from the divine triangulation of all three truly delicious culinary cultures… …perfectly luxurious […]

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