19 May 2024
Culture What's on: Stockholm

What’s On: 12 – 16 November

Our weekends will soon be all about Christmas shopping. Until then, we can enjoy days full of exhibitions, festivals, dancing, laughing, live music and just generally being adventurous!

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Community Culture Expat Traditions What's on: Stockholm

What’s shocking in Stockholm? Shockholm 2014

What do you do when you move country and you really miss something from home? Well, you introduce it to your new country of course. That’s what Bill Schacht did with Halloween, he created Shockholm – Sandinavia’s largest Halloween parade.

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Art Culture

YLC’s Local Artist Spotlight: Mona Bensafiddine

Mona Bensafiddine, a native of Stockholm who uses her camera to go to a mindful space and capture the many nuances of simplicity found in the world around her.

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