24 Jul 2024
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Treat Baking Enthusiasts To A Cookbook On Scandinavian Baking

Have you delighted your friends with your homemade Swedish cinnamon buns, ginger snaps or rye bread? And they are now wondering what good recipe books on Scandinavian baking can they lay their hands on? Ones where this European region’s baking’s well-being is celebrated with cakes made with real butter? Ones where entire festivals are dedicated […]

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Expat Cookbook

Expat Cookbook: Hot Sweet & Sour Corn & Seafood Broth

As the magical spell of autumn falls on us, there is nothing more comforting then spending a Saturday afternoon leisurely brewing up a luscious soup that does more than fill the demanding belly and warms you to your ever dainty toes… … a broth that draws from the bountiful seas surrounding Scandinavia, the produce ever […]

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Expat Cookbook: French Seafood Chowder

As a peace-loving gesture to the ongoing “war” between serious foodies who side with either the New England or Manhattan chowders, and as a homage to the possible French origins of the former, this lusciously mouthwateringly hearty recipe draws harmoniously comforting inspiration from the divine triangulation of all three truly delicious culinary cultures… …perfectly luxurious […]

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