15 Jul 2024
Free Flow <3 Melodic Melancholic Electronic

Free Flow <3 Melodic Melancholic Electronic

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18/01/2018 19:00 - 22:00
Address: Sickla industriväg 6, 131 54 Nacka, Sweden

-- With Frederic (Lrt/Jenkins)

From deep introspective tunes to hysteric beats, but always very melodic, definitely electronic, and a bit melancholic. Sometimes taking the shape of an emotional roller-coaster with some of my favorite tracks I've been listening to again and again in the last years.

We will start by contemplative and soothing down-tempo tunes, move on towards more dance floor deep techno tracks, before closing the loop with introspective beats and melodies.

-- Key points of Free Flow:

- Sober. Get high on life instead.
- Dance. Challenge your movements.
- Safe. Respect each others space and integrity this is our family ♥

(No Photos or videos on the dancefloor, to let people flow without worries)

What’s Free Flow?
A weekly dance practice where all are students and all are teachers. Rather than learning steps, we develop our own rhythms and techniques to connect with and express ourselves.

Enter a safe and judgement free environment where, moving from a place of kindness and compassion, the only other boundaries are the ones you choose for yourself.

Come to connect, come to let out pent-up stress or emotions, or come to just be and let the music flow through.

Each session will follow a musical theme, and we welcome you to interpret that in any way, be it through movement, dress or attitude.

Free Flow is not for profit and donation-based. All proceeds go to the Node, and we encourage you to contribute to the community's self-sustainability by donating monthly at http://syntheistnode.se/
or by SWISH 123 023 10 68.

We look forward to flowing with you!
.: The Free Flow Crew :.