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Satans Död – art performance

Satans Död – art performance

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11/11/2017 18:00 - 23:50
Address: Sickla industriväg 6, 131 54 Nacka, Sweden

"Nothing is as you think it will be or as you remember it was."

After two completed productions, Satans demokrati (Satan's democracy) (2015) and Satans delirium (Satan's delirium) (2016), the three-year art and theater project ends with the final part of Satan's trilogy: Satans död (Satan's death).

On November 4th - 31st December the doors to Sweden's largest theater and art event will open again in the well-run office complex in Sickla.

Satan's death is an audiovisual work in mega format where the audience themselves control their experience and where every stay and performance is unique.

In Satan's death, the visitors of the house will be in a state of life and death. They are invited to reflect on the choices they have made through life, relive old forgotten memories and make new positions in anticipation of rebirth.

To date, the project has dedicated over 1,300 artists and architects, actors and craftsmen, to jointly create a production that weaves art and theater. The 3,500 square meter large scene maze has been under constant transformation over the past three years.

The premiere of the performance of Satan's death takes place on November 4 and is played until the New Year's Night on December 31, 2017. The house will then be demolished and leveled with the 2018 ground.

Each performance day has two runs of the show.
Performance 1; 18.00 - 20.50
18.30 - 20.50
Performance 2: 21.00 - 23.50
21.30 - 23.50


Age limit 16 years.
If you are in need of reading glasses, take them to the show.
You must arrive according to the admission time specified on your ticket.
The performance is performed in Swedish

This is a performance that can contain loud music, dark and narrow spaces.

In case of impairment, you should be aware that all spaces will not be available, because of how artists and architects created scenery and scenography. Elevator is available between floors. In case of assistance, please advise before arrival via [email protected]