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Valentine’s Day: La Dolce Vita

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2020-02-14 20:15 - 22:15

Valentine's Day: La Dolce Vita

Bio & Bistro Capitol
Address: Sankt Eriksgatan 82, 113 62 Stockholm, Sweden

On Valentine's Day, February 14, Bio & Bistro Capitol will show one of the most beloved classics in film history - La Dolce Vita. Many movie lovers' hearts will learn to hit some extra beats this evening when Fellini's masterpiece is shown in the cinema again.

Gossip journalist Marcello Rubini feels trapped in his superficial social existence. His dreams of writing something that means something are put on ice for the benefit of the money and the celebrity that accompanies his current position.

Marcello romanticises true love, but barely responds even when his girlfriend overdoses. Instead, his jet-set lifestyle draws him to loose connections and, in particular, the Swedish-American actress star Sylvia, in a fruitless pursuit of love and happiness.

As the winner of the Golden Palm in Cannes as well as an Oscar, with Golden Globe awards Marcello Mastroianni and Anita Ekberg in the lead roles, La Dolce Vita still stands as one of history's most celebrated films, and Fellini's magnum opus.

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