3 Oct 2023
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Travel to Terre di Pisa to discover new wine frontiers

Many Swedish tourists travel to Italy and Tuscany every year just to enjoy and learn about well-known fantastic wines such

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Lifestyle Wine

Wines of Valtellina worth trying

Valtellina is one of Italy’s most dramatic and least explored wine regions. Located in an alpine valley on the border

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Friday Playlist Music

YLC’s Best of Swedish Pop 2022 – The Playlist

As 2022 is coming to an end, it is once again time for many year-end lists putting together the best

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Networking Theatre

Improv(e) your life

Per Gottfredson spent over 3 decades performing and teaching. He’s one of the founders and directors of Stockholms Improvisationsteater, located

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GEN(I)US AMANITA – the healing mushroom

Amanita phalloides, also known as the death cap, is the world’s most toxic mushroom. It contains alpha-amanitin which is responsible

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