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Location:Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden

The Stockholm Culture House at Sergels Torg houses everything from theatre and music stages to libraries and exhibitions, as well as several nice cafes and restaurants.

Upcoming events

  • José González
    2017-08-27 19:00 - 2017-08-27 20:30

    José González is the molecular biologist who became a pop icon. After a long tour of The String Theory, he now comes to The Stockholm Act and gives an intimate concert.

    José González is all our dimensions in one person. The researcher became a cultural person and entered the pop industry to influence his environment. This is how he describes his latest article: "As an eye capturing all of our humanity, living in a light blue spot in a cold and unspeakable space". In the song "Every Age" he sings: "Every age has its turn / every branch of the tree has to learn / learn to grow, find it's way / make the best of this short lived stay / take this seed, take this spade / take This dream of a better day / take your time, build a home / build a place where we can all belong ".

    In an article in DN he gives a fitting to the scientists: "Science's stringent and logic requirements are obviously compatible with the associative thinking that artistic creation is often based on."

About Nina Uddin

Nina Uddin
Nina is a freelance translator and writer, who also takes her photography pretty seriously. Popular music in all its forms is her biggest passion and she knows what's going on in the Stockholm (and Swedish) music scene.

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