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Kägelbanan is one of the venues belonging to Södra Teatern, with it’s own entrance at Klevgränd. There are two stages in the building, which house both live concerts, clubs, debates and theatre.

Upcoming events

  • sondre lerche
    2017-06-20 19:00 - 2017-06-20 22:00

    Ticket price: 195 SEK + service charge
    Age limit: 18 years

    The Brooklyn-based singer / songwriter and composer / guitarist Sondre Lerche recorded his styling and strong melodic debut album "Faces Down" at the age of 16. It was listed as one of the most notable debut albums from 2002 by Rolling Stone Magazine.

    The following "Two Way Monologue" was called Album Of The Year by Uncut Magazine and reinforced Lerche's global career. He toured the world around, both as soloist and band, and opened for, among others, Air, Stereolab and Elvis Costello on scenes such as Carnegie Hall, Hollywood Bowl and Royal Albert Hall.

    2009's album "Heartbeat Radio" received a brilliant reception and in 2014, Lerche reached a new career highlight through the celebrated album "Please". "Please" was a dissonant and mostly ambient soundtrack for the Sundance success film "The Sleepwalker".

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