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New Year’s Eve in Stockholm – The ultimate guide

Reaching the end of an old year and the beginning of a new one always takes us to that verge, that invisible edge of accomplishment that awakens the urge to celebrate. We have made it one more time to the beginning of something new, that we want to start out in grand style!
Stockholm offers numerous ways to take on the collective euphoria and celebrate with the masses, but sometimes it’s not so easy to know where to start. That is why we have put together a guide for you to the big fat party of the year – New Year’s Eve in Stockholm!

The traditional celebration:
The one place in town that offers the most traditional and the most Swedish way to start off the New Year is Skansen, Sweden’s biggest and oldest open-air museum.
They offer music and entertainment on the Solliden stage where the classic Lord Tennyson poem “Ring out wild bells” is recited every year at midnight to a large audience (not just on location but through live TV) and the biggest display of fireworks happens here.
Their bars not only offer an astounding view over Stockholm and all the fireworks, but also champagne to toast the New Year.
You can also book a table at The Solliden restaurant that has a special New Year’s menu. Their café Skansen Terrassen is also open between 20.00 – 01-00.
The entrance fees to Skansen on New Year’s Eve are:
10.00 – 16.00 Adults 120 SEK Senior/student 100 SEK Groups of 10 or more 100 SEK per person Children 4-15 years 60 SEK

20.00 – 24.00 Adults 140 SEK Senior/student 120 SEK Groups of 10 or more 120 SEK per person Children 4-15 years no fee

Combination tickets for both day and evening:
Adults 200 SEK Senior/student 180 SEK Groups of 10 or more 180 SEK per person Children 4-15 years 60 SEK

The Skansen season ticket is valid throughout the day and evening.

New Year's Eve at Skansen
New Year’s Eve at Skansen

People always want to know where is the best place to see fireworks in the city. Although Skansen is a great place for that, you may not want to make it all the way out there and in fact there are some other prime locations for this amazing display of light and colours.
Many of the best places to for fireworks watching are on Södermalm – Fjällgatan, Katarinaberget or Fåfängan, all facing the Stockholm waters from the opposite side of Skansen.

Also Gamla Stan’s eastern side along the wide water-side pedestrian road is a loved place to appreciate the fireworks with the friends.

Skeppsholmen also offers a great opportunity to see the city’s fireworks, with a view of Gamla Stan and Södermalm on one side and a view of Djurgården and eastern Södermalm on the eastern side of this tiny but perfectly central island.

The Västerbron bridge is one more great vantage point, with a view towards the City Hall and the mesmerising city lights over the water.

New Year's Eve fireworks. Photo credit: David Schmidt
New Year’s Eve fireworks. Photo credit: David Schmidt

Plan your night:
A good piece of advice is to gather at a friend’s house to have dinner or a glass of fine bubbles. Right before midnight it’s time to get well wrapped up in warm clothes, and head out to see the fireworks. Make sure you are there in good time as the streets may get quite crowded in the most popular places.
Then you can either opt to go back to your friend’s place or to hit the clubs with loads of other people.

Another well recommended option is to have dinner at a restaurant, hotel or club. Table reservations need to be made way in advance from the beginning  or mid-December to ensure good seating times and a good location. Places like Berns, Grand Hotel, Sturecompagniet, Södra Teatern or Café Opera are great options if you want to have a special New Year’s dinner and something else, such as music, dancing and entertainment also on the menu.

New Year's Eve celebration view from Södra Teatern. Photo by David Schmidt.
New Year’s Eve celebration view from Södra Teatern. Photo by David Schmidt.

The party:
Dance floors all around Stockholm flood with the cheery spirits of all the ones who want to spend the first night of the New Year showing off their dancing skills in the collective joy and the expectation of a year always better than the ending one. And of course the demand is high, so clubs around Stockholm prepare with selling tickets to their New Year parties from the first days of December and obviously, they’re not cheap. So if you don’t want to stay out of the party, you must buy your tickets at least before Christmas Day. And it is well worth it. You can expect the seconds counted down to midnight, hugging strangers, enjoying bubbly drinks, getting down to dance floor fillers and lots of fun.

Clubs we can recommend are: Södra Teatern, Slakthuset, Berns, Club Blackdoor, Debaser, Hights.

Or there’s of course Golden Hits and Wallmans, if you would like to get entertained with a show and then continue the evening in the night club.

And of course you can find all the info to the best New Year’s Eve parties in town on our Events Calendar, where we have hand-picked everything you need to know about where to find them and have included direct links to the ticket purchasing sites, although we have also info about some free parties that will have all you need to start the new year off with style. Find our Events Calendar here! And don’t forget to head over to the Events Calendar anytime you want to find out what’s going on in Stockholm, as we have your access to the best events and happenings in town all throughout the year.

Nightlife. Photo credit: Faramarz Gosheh
Nightlife. Photo credit: Faramarz Gosheh

Photo credits: David Schmidt Follow him on Instagram @davidschmidt08. Website: www.pixprovider.com

Photo credits: Skansen

Photo credits: Faramarz Gosheh

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