Wine tasting in the dark

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2018-02-03 19:00 - 2018-02-03 22:00
Osynlig Utställning
Address: Tullvaktsvägen 2, 115 56 Stockholm, Sweden

Can you feel the difference between red and white wine without seeing its color? Or can you make up what kind of grape it is?

Whatever your previous experience with wine, you can try and enjoy a wine tasting in a whole new way – in total darkness.

What is included?
– Guided tour of the exhibition with a blind / visually impaired guide
– Four different wineries with snacks

Note: Pre-booking is required, at least 2 days in advance via email:

Price: 425 kr

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    Chocolate and Wine Tasting at Sheraton Hotel in central Stockholm!
    Dream away to a landscape in a remote country where vines grow wild and chocolate flows out of fountains. You do not need to dream too far away, as close as France and Italy, we find both some of the world's best wines but also chocolate varieties. These two goodies have long been associated with romance and love, perhaps as it has given so much enjoyment over the centuries. But chocolate is also useful! Research shows that chocolate is antidepressant and a lust enhancer. The higher the cocoa content, the more benefits like antioxidants, vitamins and minerals are found in the chocolate cake. Chocolate with high cocoa content reduces blood pressure, cholesterol and weight, and increases the immune system.

    Sheraton Hotell Stockholm, together with the sommeliers at Taysta, is arranging an exciting test! With an easy and relaxed atmosphere combined with a wonderful atmosphere, an experience filled with scent, taste and feel is offered. With the help of the human minds, we always strive to create a unique experience and a memorable experience.

    Warmly welcome to a unique experience and a memorable experience!

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