Ricky Gervais Humanity World Tour

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Humor genius Ricky Gervais comes to Sweden with his Humanity World Tour!

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  • chris rock
    2017-10-02 20:00 - 2017-10-02 23:00

    Grammy and Emmy awards winner comedian, actor, director, author and producer Chris Rock will take The Total Blackout Tour to Europe and Sweden! This is the comic's first 9-year tour and it has started in the United States with amazing tribute from both the press and the audience.

  • Mogwai
    2017-10-11 19:00 - 2017-10-11 23:00

    With new material under their arm, the Scottish post rock band Mogwai returns to Sweden this autumn.

    Mogwai tells stories through sounds. With the help of dizzying guitars, pulsating bass and a large dose of experimental luminance, Mogwai can convey elaborate stories that become unique to each individual listener. Few other bands can paint the rich soundscapes in the same way, while remaining within the framework of their creation process. Their latest renowned studio album released by Mogwai was in 2014, but recently the group announced that a new album is ready. Mogwai is a modern institution, and no matter what direction the album takes, it will introduce the band's devoted fans to a new nervous chapter in the book spelled Mogwai.

  • scorpions
    2017-11-25 18:15 - 2017-11-25 23:00

    Legendary Scorpions take their "Crazy World Tour" to Sweden this autumn and play both in Gothenburg and Stockholm. This will be their first tour to the Nordic region for many years and rumors say their live show is bigger and better than ever.