Freeing the Body – Marina Abramović re-performance

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2017-04-21 15:00 - 2017-04-21 16:00
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Experience the re-performance of Marina Abramović ‘s work ‘Freeing the Body’ live, at Moderna Museet. The specially-trained artist will dance until they collapse from exhaustion.

In 1975 Marina Abramović said goodbye to her background in Belgrade with a series of performance works called ‘Freeing Series’. In ‘Freeing the Voice’, she shouts until she loses her voice. In Freeing the Memory, she reels off all the words that come to mind in Serbian, until she can’t think of any more.

‘Freeing the Voice’: 7 April, and 5 May at 3 pm.
‘Freeing the Memory’: 24 March, 14 April, and 12 May at 3 pm.
‘Freeing the Body’: 31 March and 19 May at 3 pm.

You can also experience the re-performamce of ‘Cleaning the Mirror’ daily in the exhibition. ‘Art Must Be Beautiful, Artist Must Be Beautiful’ is re-performed every Saturday and Sunday.

Abramović has developed methods for how works can be performed by other artists, as re-performances. The Abramović method focuses on endurance, re-assessment of time, and a readiness to let go of preconceived notions of one’s own abilities and values, to engage fully in physically and mentally demanding works.

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