Celebrate Cinco de Mayo! Yuc is turning two years & two months

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2017-05-05 16:00 - 2017-05-06 02:00
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Cinco de Mayo is mythically spun in the west, and some even think it’s Mexico’s national day, but the day is mostly a feast in the state of Puebla, defeating French forces 155 years ago! However, Yuc wants to take this day to celebrate the culture of Mexican food and beverage, while it is exactly two years and two months since they opened Yuc!

They will offer you an extra long party starting with AW already at 16:00 and finishing late at night. The bar serves specialty drinks and the kitchen will deliver a new taco to honor the day. There will also be live music and other fun surprises during the evening. Simply fiesta!

To give back to Mexican society, we donate 10% of the revenue during the evening to the Marie Stopes organization that fights for women’s right to contraceptives and safe abortions. This during a time when the world’s men (hola trump) try to limit women’s rights over their own body (more info http://mariestopes.org.mx/)

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