Best of Norden Cultural Festival

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2017-10-20 - 2017-10-22 All day
Nordiska Museet
Address: Djurgårdsvägen 10, 115 21 Stockholm, Sweden

Welcome to a Nordic cultural festival together with the Nordic Council.

In the ocasion of the Nordic Council’s prizes, which are being awarded in November in Helsinki, a celebration of three of the most prominent in Nordic cultural and social life will take place. There will be views of all nominated movies, exciting meetings and conversations with famous cultural personalities and nominated writers, music experiences, among others.

Film screenings:

Friday 20
18:00: Little Wing (Finland, 1 h and 40 min)

Saturday 21
11.00: Heartstone (Iceland, 2 h and 9 min)
15:00: Parents (Denmark, 1hr and 26 min)

Sunday 22
10:00: Hunting Flies (Norway, 1 h and 46 min)
17.30: Blood joint (Sweden, 1h and 50m)



Saturday 21

13.15-13.45: Come to the country
Jan Göransson, Press Director at the Swedish Film Institute and Mian Lodalen, author from the movie Heartstone.

16.30-17.00: What happens to love when the children moved out?
Amelia Adamo, editor-in-chief and journalist, and Sven Milltoft, curator and physiotherapist, talk from the parent’s film.

Sunday 22

11.45-12.15 Good neighbors – bloody conflicts and possible solutions
Claes JB Löfgren, SVT war correspondent and Jan-Erik Billinger, chairman of the association Neve / Shalom / Wahat al-Salam’s friends in Sweden, talk from the movie Hunting Flies.

17.00-17.30: About origin
Leif Zern, journalist and writer, and Olle Sarri talk from the movie Sameblod.

Ticket: 100 SEK including museum entrance.
3-day ticket: 185 SEK including museum entrance.
Free admission until 18 years.

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    2017-10-28 16:00 - 2017-10-28 22:00
    Stockholm Brewers Festival will have its next event on Saturday October 28th 2017 with Nya Carnegiebryggeriet at their brewery in Stockholm - The Halloween Mash.
    It is a non-ticketed event for Halloween featuring 5 limited edition craft beers brewed specifically for the event from Stockholm Craft Microbreweries (PKLK, Stockholm Brewing Co, Nordic Kiwi Brewers, Brewing Költur, & Nya Carnegiebryggeriet)
    These beers are inspired by US Pumpkin Beers, and last weekend we sourced 800KG of oversized massive pumpkins from Öland. These pumpkins weigh from 100kg -275kg. They will be used as casks, and will be hollowed out, blow torched, filled with beer, and tapped at the event. It should be quite fun! That's right, you read correctly,  they will be tapped like a wooden cask :)
    These pumpkins were grown in the town of Löttorp by farmer Albin Helgesson who competes in agriculture growing competitions. He says this year they were quite smaller then previous years, but he did get a 300KG pumpkin from the harvest festival this past weekend in Öland.
    The event will also feature a pumpkin carving contest, halloween costume contest, music, special food menu, + more.