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Living the City presents: Tequila, mezcal, Stockholm!

It’s not news that Stockholm likes Mexican food, but now we are also seeing an increased trend for consumption of Mexican drinks like tequila and mezcal. So now apart from finding tacos on the menus of the best restaurants in the city, you’re also likely to find these spirits as part of their drinks menu. In fact the tequila and mezcal culture is growing so big in Stockholm that bars are moving away from the American way of drinking tequila shots, with salt and lime on the back of your hand. Instead bartenders all across Stockholm are putting in efforts at creating their own tequila and mezcal cocktails following popular demand.

Our curiosity about the tequila and mezcal trend took us to ask some of Stockholm‘s tequila experts about what makes these spirits so hot right now. See what we found out…

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Karen Perez Guzman
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