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New Music Friday: Tove Styrke makes us wanna make mistakes

New Music Friday alert! One of our very favorite Swedish artists Tove Styrke has a new single out!

A few months ago, Tove Styrke released her first new offering since her excellent 2015 album Kiddo. And she did everything right on that one. Say My Name garnered the interest of people like Lorde, Lena Dunham and Elton John. And it ruled our playlists here at YLC during the summer.

Now she is following up with her new tune Mistakes. And make no mistake, this is yet another gem of a pop tune that is very likely to get stuck in your head on first listen (so consider yourself warned).

 Tove says:
“Sometimes you need chaos to feel in control. I mean, if I can shake myself around a bit, that proves to me that I’m not powerless in my life. Even when it feels that way. Mistakes can be about a person or yourself or just life in general. But I guess the point is that you don’t need to be perfect and that there’s something valuable in letting go of the person that you think you are or should be. Maybe all mistakes aren’t mistakes.”

Have a listen for yourself right here:


Photo credit: Gustav Wiking

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