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Pokémon hunters take over Kungsan

No one can have missed the Pokémon GO craze over the past few weeks. The game gets the kids (and grown-ups) outdoors and moving, so what’s not to like? It also brings people together, like for the Pokefest event at Kungsträdgården on the 8th of August.

IMG_2016-08-08-17535517Hundreds and hundreds of people flocked around the park from early afternoon until late night. All the Pokestops in the park had lures attracting the Pokémon, and most would have noted that there seems to be more Pokémon around when there are more people playing in the same place.

If someone sighted a rare Pokémon, the shouts “Machamp!“, “Dragonair!” would soon bring people running to make the catch themselves.

There will definitely be more Pokémon events coming up in Stockholm, since it is obviously much more fun to hunt the little creatures with lots of other people.IMG_2016-08-08-18265978

The next upcoming event seems to be the Pokémon GO Weekend Stockholm on 12th-14th August. See more details in their Facebook event.

In the meantime, here’s a few photos of Pokémon trainers in Kungsträdgården.









In-game photos: Rami Uddin
Gamer photos: Nina Uddin

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