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ABBA the Museum: Premiere Ticket Giveaway

Mamma Mia – here we go again! ABBA The Museum opens in Stockholm in May and Your Living City has 2 tickets to give away to the opening day! This time, the winner really does take it all!


ABBA The museum – very much awaited by Stockholmers and international ABBA enthusiasts alike – opens on May 7th on the beautiful island of Djurgården, close to other landmarks like the fairground Gröna Lund and the open air museum Skansen.

The museum aims to offer an interactive journey through one of the biggest success stories in music history. Here the visitor will get close to the band by experiencing what it’s like to be the fifth member of ABBA, get on stage together with the other members, enter the Polar studio and see what he or she looks like in ABBA’s legendary costumes (a Dancing Queen?), and much more.

ABBA The Museum will also aim to make its exhibitions as interactive as possible. There is a self-playing piano linked up to Benny’s studio. If the visitor is lucky, the red light will flash and the piano (Benny) will start playing while he or she is there. The group’s first major hit, “Ring Ring” from 1973, is celebrated by a red telephone in the exhibition. Only four people in the entire world have the phone number…

‘The new museum will give a complete picture of the band, the music and the incredible success we experienced in the ‘70s and ‘80s, something that we haven’t been able to present until now. It will be like an experience-based music documentary that invites the visitor backstage as well as on and in front of the stage’

Björn Ulvaeus

A visit to the museum starts with a film by Jonas Åkerlund, shown in a 360 degree cinema room. The visitor will then go on to Gamleby Folkets Park, symbolizing the start of the members’ careers in the ‘60s.  Via Brighton in 1974, the exhibition progresses to the song-writing cottage on the island of Viggsö, Stig Anderson’s office, Owe Sandström’s tailor studio, arenas around the world, Björn and Agnetha’s kitchen, and the legendary Polar studio.

Visitors will experience the exhibition through the audio guide, narrated by the band members and developed in collaboration with the writer of the Mamma Mia! manuscript, Catherine Johnson. Another fun ABBA fact is that the curator of the exhibition is the band’s former stylist, Ingmarie Halling. The project has been a close collaboration with the band and around 50 people are currently working round the clock to put the final pieces into place before the opening in May.

“I was there on the world tours and saw the work backstage as well as in front. There was hard work and an ordinary everyday life behind the success. We hope that we have created both a documentary and a spectacular music exhibition. We have a solid archive, to say the least; everything has been saved,” says Ingmarie Halling, exhibition manager at ABBA The Museum.

Abba legend Björn Ulvaeus also plays an active part in the day-to-day running of the museum, which is headed by MD Mattias Hansson.

We have randomly picked our winner for the Abba competition: Stuart Daniels is the lucky person to receive two tickets to the premiere opening! No losers standing small on YLC though – you can still buy tickets to the greatest new tourist attraction in Stockholm here; it doesn’t cost much money, money, money! Thanks to everyone who participated.

ABBA The Museum opens to the public on May 7th 2013 at Djurgårdsvägen 68, next to Gröna Lund on the scenic island of Djurgården in Stockholm. Tickets for ABBA The Museum are available now at www.abbathemuseum.com.

Opening hours

10 am to 8 pm (May – Aug)

Noon to 8 pm (Sep – April)


Adults: 195 SEK

Children under the age of 8: 50 SEK


Street address

Djurgårdsvägen 68, Djurgården, 115 21 Stockholm

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  1. Money Money Money – always remember it being on the juke-box at home and me and my friends putting on a show where our parents had to sit and watch us awkardly dancing away to the song (and goodness knows how ever many more besides).

    Quite on theme were the new year outfits we made for my sis and mum this year!


    Though having written that down, the sudden realisation that if I did win I’d be heavily pregnant or with newborn… hmmmmm

  2. Mamma Mia (OF COURSE.)

    I can’t help it, though. Growing up in America it was the only song I ever heard of theirs (besides dancing queen, which for some reason doesn’t have the same mental effect on me), and now that I’m LIVING here it frequently gets stuck in my head when I try to explore a new area or am on the train for too long.

  3. Thank you for the music!!

    I used to sing that song with my cousin. It make me and her happy. When I listen to that song and sing, my heart is full of happiness, tenderness and joy.

  4. Goodness, deciding on one song is hard. I remember listening to Abba Gold (on tape) in the car with my family singing like we were the Partridge family…hmmmm probably “Take a Chance on Me”

  5. The winner for me is: “I have a dream, a song to sing”…

    I have a dream, a song to sing

    To help me cope with anything

    If you see the wonder of a fairy tale

    You can take the future even if you fail

    I believe in angels

    Something good in everything I see

    I believe in angels

    When I know the time is right for me

    I’ll cross the stream – I have a dream

    this is a anytime mood up lifter and energizer..

  6. Thank you for the music

    The first LP I ever owned was an Abba one. Love this song. Impossible not to sing along.

  7. The Winner Takes It All

    The song has so many meanings to me. Having been through loads of difficulties with my life yet I have come up on top and “won it all”.

  8. Hi Farrah, “Me and Bobby and Bobby’s brother”

    Always liked that one, had a good friend called Bobby and we used to hang out with his older brother who had a car. Reminds me of those timed when I hear it.


    • you cant beat the band abba the were simply the best and their music is beautiful they are still as popular today their music is still a favourite of mine there quiet a few tribute bands but abba is a hard act to follow but thanks to the film mama mia it is a wonder film i hope the music of abba carried on for ever hills dorset england

  9. oh so many wonderful songs, my favourite is dancing queen but on behalf of the Enock family we all love to dance to Thank you for the music (in our kitchen).

  10. ‘Dancing Queen’

    Every time- this was my Diva song to strut my bootie to – we’ve all got one!


  11. There are so many that I love !! Apart from all the very famous songs of ABBA, I love listening to “Knowing me Knowing you” .

  12. Hi Farrah! They are a wonderful band of singers and composers that had so many great hits. I don’t think there are too many today that can compare. At least not yet anyway. But I would say Mamma Mia and Take a chance on Me are my biggest favorites still.

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