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Eat and Drink Through History at Stockholm’s Most Historic Pubs

View of Stockholm from Mariaberget by Raphael Andres Follow

From the Royal Palace to the Vasa Museum, Stockholm is full of monuments and museums that showcase the city’s extravagant history. However, what happens when the museums close? After hours, the history of Stockholm stays alive in the streets and can be found oozing out of many of the city’s pubs. So, when you’re looking for somewhere to eat or a place to drink after a long day at the sights, be sure to stop at one of these historic Stockholm pubs.




Västerlånggatan 68

The one thing most people associate with Sweden is the Vikings. Sweden is one of the oldest countries in Europe and dates back to the Viking Age. The Vikings dominated the country for 400 years and some of their remnants can still be seen in Stockholm today. Not surprisingly, one of these places is the Aifur bar and restaurant, which calls itself the only genuine Viking era outpost. Named after the legendary Viking ship Aifur, the pub offers food and culture from the years 700 to 1100. The walls are lined with Viking weapons and you can even try the Viking drink of mead.

Blå Dörren
Blå Dörren

Blå Dörren

Södermalmstorg 6

Named “The Blue Door”, Blå Dörren is not only a pub, but a state monument. The pub is located on the ground floor of a 17th century building which once held a bank between 1910 and 1950. It later became a shop and an office before it was transformed into the pub you see today. The name was taken from another 17th century pub in the area, and the establishment serves many exclusively Swedish beers such as Nils Oscar, Zeunerts, and Avesta.

Den Gylene Freden
Den Gyldene Freden

Den Gyldene Freden

Österlånggatan 51

If you’re looking for authentic Swedish cuisine, look no farther than Den Gyldene Freden. This restaurant opened in 1722 and is known as the oldest restaurant in Stockholm. They say that food takes time to perfect, and this can definitely be seen at Den Gyldene Freden. The food served today still incorporates original Nordic cuisine and has attracted famous visitors from all over the world. While you’re here, try the Swedish drink Snaps. It is known as a traditional holiday drink that will take you back to the 1700s.

History isn’t only found through museums or cultural buildings. You can find the spirit of Stockholm all throughout the city. If you want to submerge yourself in culture and transport yourself back to the past, be sure to stop by any of these historic pubs.


Cover photo, View of Stockholm from Mariaberget by Raphael Andres Follow

Pub’ photos, courtesy of the own pubs.

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