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Video Profiles: Visual Artist Martin Lima de Faria Part 1

In this edition of Profiles, we bring you a visual artist who has created a microcosmos to decorate the walls of the famous Scandic Malmen hotel. We’ll be behind the scenes as he takes one of these iconic photographs. The artist will talk us through his film-making in Little Love, a film that made it to Cannes film festival and he will tell us how it feels to shoot with a Magnum gun at a strawberry with a kissing miniature couple inside, filmed at 10,000 frames per second. We’ll also bring you the Stockholm vernissage of Herself, which is an interactive film, that has already been acclaimed in New York and Cannes. This is Profiles: Martin Lima de Faria.

About Karen Perez Guzman

Karen Perez Guzman
Her passion is her profession: video, art, photography and travel, which she signs as: 1 way ticket. Maybe that's why she ended up so far from Mexico, her homeland. Her moto: There is so much world out there and one must see it all!

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