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Stockholm survey – Are standard disabled public toilets usable by everyone who needs to use them?


Your Living City is always committed to the Swedish society and supporting the concerns of its members. That’s why, we would like to extend our platform to support Anna Olsson and Theresa Moldram, two students in their final term at Karolinska Institute who are researching the practicality of standard disabled public toilets to determine if they’re usable by everyone who needs to use them, this will help them in their examination paper in Occupational Therapy. In order to investigate this further they have designed an online survey.

Please take the time to participate! Just follow the instructions below:

Are you 18 years old or older, live in Sweden and are in need of at least one person’s help with toileting? If so, then you fit into our criteria for the study and you are welcome to participate by answering our online survey.

By answering the survey you agree that the information you give can be used in this examination paper. The survey is completely anonymous and neither of us will know who gave what answer. The information we collect will only be used for this examination paper.

Should you have any questions, please contact us.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Anna Olsson anna.olsson.2@stud.ki.se
Theresa Moldram theresa.moldram@stud.ki.se

Survey is is only valid for those living in Sweden but it is available in both English and Swedish. Thanks!

Click on the link to get to the survey in English: https://www.webbenkater.com/s/3a2b0f2

Swedish: http://bit.ly/2lbaK14


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