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Role Models presents: Tattoo artist Chrimson

Role Models is the video series in which we introduce you to professionals who have left their home country for Sweden and achieved success in the area of their profession – and are making a difference in the way things are done right now.

Christopher Mason a.k.a. Chrimson is a Role Model in his art. An expat that has had to work hard to earn his place in Sweden and in the highly competitive world of tattooing.

We were curious to learn what’s inside the mind of a tattoo artist, so we had a chat with Chrimson and he told us about his passion, his philosophy and the ups and downs of starting your career in Sweden.

About Karen Perez Guzman

Karen Perez Guzman
Her passion is her profession: video, art, photography and travel, which she signs as: 1 way ticket. Maybe that's why she ended up so far from Mexico, her homeland. Her moto: There is so much world out there and one must see it all!

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