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What do you do when you move country and you really miss something from home? Well, you introduce it to your new country of course. That’s what Bill Schacht did with Halloween, he created Shockholm - Sandinavia’s largest Halloween parade.


Australian Rules Football is Australia’s indigenous game and has a reputation for its unique mix of skill and physical exertion (or should we say, carnage). This weekend the Stockholm region Australian Football Federation (the SAFF) kicks off its 11th season.


Put the thermal underwear down and drop that copy of Deepak Chopra because it's not hibernation time just yet!


Nasjonaldagen (National Day) is a momentous day in the Norwegian calendar. In neighbour capital Stockholm, 10,000 people participate in the festivities every year. Here's your chance to...


Stockholm is one of the most romantic cities in the world, so why not head out this Valentine's Day and have a romantic experience you'll never forget!


Trick-or-Treat Your Swedish Street: Recruit your neighbors. You have until next weekend.