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“Why Sweden?” - This is usually the very first question anyone ever asks me when they find out that I’m Scottish and my fiancé is also Scottish. It seems like moving to Sweden without having a Swedish partner or job is not the normal thing. I find this a confusing attitude, I mean, why not?


Plans to be healthy fading as quick as temperatures drop? No need – we’ve got just the thing for you! Last one in is a couch-potato!


If you are planning on traveling in Europe this summer - check out the YLC lowdown on the European Health Insurance Card.


Weather or work raining on your parade? Stay healthy and happy with one of YLC's suggestions for odd, fun recreational classes!


Sick of Stockholm's running trend? Well if you can't beat them - JOIN THEM! We list the top running events of 2014 in the city!


That's right, people, the 'fästing' fest is going on - and you might just be invited!


Having co-created a device that makes life easier and safer for those with diabetes, he’s taking the medical world by storm