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What’s on: Stockholm

KVADRART – Scandinavia’s Largest Street Art Exhibition


We had the opportunity to be at the opening of a fantastic collection of street art, where about 100 artist from Sweden, Italy, France Russia and the Netherlands contributed with paintings and sculptures. Some of the pieces hanging at KvadrArt come as an explosion of colour to remind us how this free manifestation of …

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Artful Shades of Living


Life – abundantly experienced, insightfully perceived and questioned, or creatively imagined – becomes the myriad bases for soulful artistic contemplation and thus, solemn elucidation; albeit sometimes with hints of witty re-interpretation. These whiffs of fresh air are as necessary as art inspirationally birthed by the pure, the novel, the wondrous …

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Josef Frank’s Against Design – Inspirational To This Day


After a resoundingly successful run at Vienna’s Austrian Museum of Applied Arts/Contemporary Art early last year, ArkDes – the Architecture and Design Center – has brought “Josef Frank: Against Design” to exhibit back in Stockholm. The most comprehensive exhibition ever on the world-famous architect and designer, it shows the breadth …

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Mosebacke Design District: Another Design & Culture Mecca

Butiken Republiken

As Stockholm Design Week returns on 6 to 12 February with its promise to remain as each year’s most important week for Scandinavian design by filling the Swedish capital’s days and nights with creative meetings, world premieres and hundreds of fantastic events – as thoroughly listed online, make it a …

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Art: Beyond The Seeming


The ingenuity of man’s creativity is no better embodied than by artistic creation that seduces all his sensibilities, drawing artists into infinite possibilities and plausibility in techniques, mediums, themes and inspirations; and thus us into seamlessly uncharted wanderings through the art makers’ sublimely convoluted imaginings. Your Living City poses this …

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¨Diesel, Finally It All Makes Sense¨ – Fashion and Photography that shaped our era at Fotografiska


The Diesel campaigns with their slogan “For successful living” became world famous in the mid and late 90’s, with controversial photographs by some of the most prominent fashion photographers of the time like Ellen von Unwerth and David LaChapelle.  The Diesel adverts were so outrageous, so rebellious, loaded with a critical and a …

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Last chance to catch Anton Corbijn’s exhibition at Fotografiska


Anton Corbijn‘s days at Fotografiska have brought the longed-for old school rock memories to Stockholm and it has also reminded us of the vast possibilities of different elements in the photographic vocabulary, like visual metaphors, analogies, symbolism and realism.   The Dutch photographer brought to Fotografiska a couple of hundred music photographs, if we should …

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