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Stockholm survey – Are standard disabled public toilets usable by everyone who needs to use them?


Your Living City is always committed to the Swedish society and supporting the concerns of its members. That’s why, we would like to extend our platform to support Anna Olsson and Theresa Moldram, two students in their final term at Karolinska Institute who are researching the practicality of standard disabled public toilets to determine if they’re …

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It’s FEBRUARY!! Or, as parents in Sweden like to call it, VABruary… This month has honestly put me off having more children. Like an annual contraceptive. I can’t stand it, I’m moving to Antigua next February. Today is day ten of illness in our home and I’m freaking out that this is it, we’re in a spiral …

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Mosebacke Design District: Another Design & Culture Mecca

Butiken Republiken

As Stockholm Design Week returns on 6 to 12 February with its promise to remain as each year’s most important week for Scandinavian design by filling the Swedish capital’s days and nights with creative meetings, world premieres and hundreds of fantastic events – as thoroughly listed online, make it a …

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The expat identity


According to social sciences identity is the conception, qualities, beliefs, and expressions that make a person e.g. self-identity   Identity has never been something that has kept me awake at night. I don’t mean the really awful film with John Cusack and Ray Liotta. I mean the social construct that is meant …

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