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Finding a Job


Finding a job in Stockholm isn't easy. One needs perseverance and dedication... and connections. So how does a new girl tap into the system?...


American born but of Scandinavian descent, twenty-something Solveig Rundquist returns to the shores of her ancestors.


Creating a solid professional network is a tricky task in any language and in any culture. It is especially tough as an expat in...


Arbetsförmedlingen - the first port of call if you want to find a job - or find yourself without a job - in Sweden!


Job searching is hard and can be demoralising. The longer people search, the more their self-confidence is dented. Add to that a foreign language...


How to convert your résumé into a CV for the Swedish job market. We explain what you should included in your CV as you start your job hunt in Sweden.


We, at Your Living City, have been working with Vision Takeoff to help form our vision. Their advice, coaching and support has not...